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Our team of professional auto detailers are known as Artists.  Our dedication to quallity of our work is next to none.  See our Yelp reviews for unbiased evidence of that dedication.

Our clientele demand nothing but the best for their vehicles.  Our team of artists and front office staff understand those demands and know how to work with you to ensure your vehicle leaves our facility looking the absolute best it can.

The work our artists do runs from classic cars to  

Foreign and Domestic as well as high end US , Japanese and European cars.  

Our Hours:

Auto Detailing

Our Artists can handle all of your auto detailing services including:

Why Use Deep Reflections? 

Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday:             8am - 6pm 

Sunday               10am - 4pm

Night Drop Available

Having your vehicle detailed at Deep Reflections will improve your outlook on life and how people view you.  We are an award winning detailer that has brought technology to the forefront of maximizing the beauty of your vehicle, whether it is a daily driver, collector/classic or an entire collection. We are the Cool Factor for you and your vehicle.

Our man made polymer called Zaino is good for a minimum 6 months+ protection.    CALL US for one of the best vehicle treatments your car will ever get.


601 University Ave

Los Gatos, CA 95032

(408) 402-5453

NOTE:  When coming south on 17 Exit Lark Ave, turn right on Lark go two lights to University and turn left on University 

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Deep Reflections Auto Detailers



Our business is taking off.  We have become increibly popular due to the quality of our work.  You can get it cheaper, but we can guarantee it won't be better.  

No one, and I mean no one will match our exterior limited warranty.  6+months on our exterior finish is unheard of at our price point. Much longer if the car is garage kept. Due to the popularity, it is wise to give us a call so we can determine how to best get your car up to your expectations and our standards.  


Steve, Owner of Deep Reflections was interviewed by KKSF, 910 AM, The Best of Investing, airing Jan 3rd at 12, noon  on why you should get your car detailed when buying new, when trading in, or a lease turn in.  Listen to Ed's real life example of having to pay several hundred $$$ over and above an already expensive "Lease Wear Coverage" policy.