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Interior Detail

We first evaluate the Interior with our client and point out issues we may see and can help improve and enhance the beauty and longevity of the interior.  A clean interior should smell fresh not like sprayed on car refreshener.


NOTE: The blue dye on blue jeans can rub off and tranfer on to the seat , If this happen address it right away

or it may become a permanent stain.


We Specialize In :


Smoke Smell, Mildew, Pet Smells, Food Spills , Drink Spills , Vomit, Blood etc.


Note : Please do not attempt to remove or clean yourself as it can cause the stain to become permanent or spread further into the seat or area .


Procedures :  average time 4-6 hours


Detail  Vacuuming


Hand wash all surfaces - to remove dirt, spots and grease


Spot treat all stubborn stains that may not have come out durring the hand wash proccess


Remove all Mats ,Trunk Carpet Liners , Center Console liner, Cup holders , Glove Compartment


Steam Cleaning is done after the Hand Wash is completed


We apply a conditioner on vinyl and leather that contains an SPF40 protectant.


Interior will be thoroughly dried.  This the most import part of the Interior Cleaning,


Computer display are cleaned to remove finger marks






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